Industries Served

Incend LLC serves many industries and leads the way in marketing using innovative technology. Incend LLC client partners are: Banks. Auto companies. Online startups. From local businesses to global enterprises, we have faced challenges with no clear answer, created a solution, and executed to earn hard results. Our client scope is broad. Our quality is universal. Your results are real.

Some of the industries served are:

  • Advertising/Marketing/Media: Content management. Scalable solutions. Digital strategies.
  • Arts & Entertainment: Inbound marketing. Digital media broadcast. Targeted  engagement.
  • Automotive & Power Sports: Lead generation. CMS Management. Digital Strategies.
  • Construction & Maintenance: Client targeting. Retention strategies. Direct marketing.
  • Health Care Services: Keyword dominance. Client acquisition. Vendor communication.
  • Legal & Financial Services: Emergent SEO markup. Database management. Inbound marketing.
  • Manufacturing: Lead generation. CMS Management. Digital Strategies.
  • Non-profit & Government: Lead management. Public relations. Database curation.
  • Professional Services: Internal strategies. Targeted outreach. Content management.
  • Real Estate & Development: Qualified leads. CMS design. User experience enhancement.
  • Restaurants & Caterings: Customer growth. Reputation management. Marketing strategies.
  • Retail: Ecommerce solutions. Qualified leads. Increased sales.
  • Technology: Marketing communication. Client targeting. Internet strategies
  • Travel & Recreation: Compelling content. Targeted broadcast. Digital strategies.